The hectic lifestyle of the modern world has made us almost everyone the victim of anxiety and depression. The world is no longer a safe place and there comes a time when we all want to just pack our stuff and head towards a dream place for a long vacation. But, it’s not always possible, at least not for everyone. We have to make compromises for our jobs, our kids and have to save money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a view of a beautiful house that’s hidden in plain sight. No, we are not kidding! Architects and engineers never fail to disappoint us with marvelous infrastructures and designs. These beautiful are not only safely hidden but have an amazing infrastructure too. Don’t forget to tell which one is your favorite.


1.Dugout house.

Location: Texas, USA.

This unique house is located in Texas and if you look from outside, it would look like a normal dugout but that’s not the truth. Inside this house which is 2m in the ground, you will find everything for a comfortable lifestyle with entirely peaceful surrounding.



2.Bungalow under pine trees

Location: British Columbia, Canada

This perfect and peaceful house is totally merged into the beautiful landscape of pine trees. It is designed in an unusual way with moss at the roof and beautiful interior makes it an ideal place for a peaceful vacation.



3.Houses on top of a shopping mall

Location: Hunan, Canada

This town in China is very congested with a population of over 4 million people. There is a very little space left in the city for houses so this innovational idea is pretty much helpful for the residents. These houses are built on a shopping mall to make good use of space.