We all know and might have experienced that there is a huge difference between married and being single. Every little thing in your life changes, how you eat, where you eat, what should be on your phone, what shouldn’t. Thus nothing remains same. While when you are single, your life is carefree. You don’t have to think twice before becoming friends with someone. Yet, being married has its own perks. Single man has to live on his own, from laundry to food but after marriage, he doesn’t have to worry about these things. But after marriage, his life mainly revolves around his kids and wife more rather than his friends. This may bother some men but other find it very satisfying. Today we will share with you some illustrations. These illustrations will show you the major changes that occur in man’s life once he is married in a funny way. Enjoy and share with your loved ones. Don’t forget to tell us if you agree or not.

1.Your whole salary goes to your wife

2.How the badass riders become the slow, careful ones

3.Your fridge is never out of stock