Being a girl is not easy. Choosing right dress with perfect shade of lipstick, pair of shoes that would with the dress, matching jewelry, dramatic eyeliner, makeup on fleek; these are just the few of things a girl has to decide every day. As much as we love summer, it is especially cruel for the girls because of heat, humidity, beach body and what not. This artist made some realistic comics to show how hard it is actually being a girl in summer. We are sure that every girl would relate to these comics, more or less.

1. You got slimmer for that beach body? Congrats but don’t forget to inform your thighs. Toning down your waist may seem difficult but hello? Have you ever tried toning down your thighs? No? The result is you get rashes in your thigh area.

2. Those “special women’s days” always ruin your vacations and no, they don’t care whether this is your first beach vacations after years. It makes you think why mother nature is so cruel towards girl.

3. You will never find a perfect pair of sandals. It almost makes you think as if all the sandals come with some drawbacks.