Sleep is very precious to us. A good night sleep not only regulates our entire body system but also boosts our immune system. Lack of sleep can lead to numerous disorders like depression, frequent illness, obesity and what not. But did you know, not only it is important that you sleep well, it is also equally important that you sleep in the correct position. Apart from correct position, there are some scientifically proven ways that will help you get a good night sleep. Due to modern hectic lifestyle and with all the gadgets lying around us, we seldom think about sleeping even though we are sleepy. An adult needs at least 8 hours of sleep for the body to function efficiently. If you are suffering from severe insomnia, you should consult a doctor immediately as it leads to other disorders. Otherwise, you can treat your sleep problems with these methods. One thing you should bear in your mind that it will not work instantly, it’s no magic. You just have to be consistent.

1.Cut your caffeine intake and exercise regularly

2.If you suffer from snoring, rinse your nose with saline and avoid alcohol