Do you ever wonder why police officers tap your tail lights when you get pulled over? Some people find it really annoying and find it unnecessary. While others think that maybe it’s necessary or a compulsion for the police officers as part of their training. Some people also get nervous and start freaking out as if they have done something wrong. Yet it is commonly seen and everyone is used to it but still whenever a police officer walks up to your car and tap your tail lights after being pulled over, it annoys us.
But believe it or not, there is a reason behind it. Actually there are many reasons, which include some of the logical reasons while others may not feel reasonable. Let’s see what those reasons are.

The history of tapping the tail lights is not new but has a very long history. The history goes back to the time when police started patrolling the roads and highways. It became one of the oldest customs of the patrolling police officers.

Patrol police cars did not always have dashboard cameras so this trick came in handy. It was intended to surprise the criminals, drug lords, looters, thieves, in short any criminal. Police wanted to catch the driver or the criminal off-guard.

It would also stop criminals from hiding their guns or stash of drugs as it wouldn’t give them enough time and they would start to panic after seeing the police officer tapping the tail light. Here are some more mind-blowing reasons.

One of the logical reasons is that there is a chance that police officer might get murdered so in order to leave the evidence behind, the officer would tap the tail light and leave the finger prints behind so that criminal will get chased.

Once the vehicle involved in the murder gets caught the print on the tail light can be used as the evidence and it will help to check the murdered.

It is true that habits die hard and tapping the tail light is one of the oldest habits of the police officers. They would just get out of the car, move towards the car they pulled over and just tap the tail light without any intention what so ever.

Although, it has its logical reasons, tapping on the tail light can be real dangerous for the police officers. When it is dark, tapping the light can alert the criminal and they can easily know where the police officer is. It is not even safe in daytime.